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Gypsum anhydrite screeds, cement screeds, EKOSTYREN concrete and self-leveling screeds FERIBAU

  • - mechanical processing of materials
  • - cost-effective conditions, turn-key
  • - environmentally friendly mixture of environmentally friendly

How to choose right type delineator?

He decided to be correct for type of screed is sometimes often hight. We must know what kind of response we anticipate Where we put emphasis in determining quality vs price.

How to choose type of screed:

  • - I need screeds in interiors but also exteriors?
  • - which I support, new construction, reconstruction, cope screeds?
  • - how to spawn electric heating? I want to fry without the necessary fear, I have a good floor.

What screed for electric heating? I want to fry without the necessary fear, I have a good floor.

TYPES screed:

  • gypsum based screeds
  • cement screed

Gypsum anhydrite screed

Baumit Alpha 2000

  • • Spawn comes in bags or in bulk SMP1
  • • Self-leveling effect
  • • Interior

Spawn on plaster for machine processing. Designed to carry out all types of screeds, suitable for use with underfloor heating.


Anhydrite screed

Alone leveling

Cast screed for manual and machine processing.


For application in interior spaces such as living rooms, except for residential kitchens and bathrooms.

Spawn Baumit Alpha 2000 is applied to a prescribed consistency by casting in the manner provided in advance substrate. Spilled material should be immediately mix using by repeated immersion in a layer of screed in two mutually perpendicular directions. To ensure free movement of the screed plate of screed to be surrounding wall and vertical structures separated by a flexible insulating strip edge PE. Thickness of screed layer depends also on the intended load floor and deformation characteristics of insulation used in the floor. For realization of floors with underfloor heating must be observed screed thickness min. 35 mm + d, wherein d is diameter of pipes of heating system. Casting screed for underfloor heating it is done in two layers. First step is poured mortar layer of upper wiring. After hardening of first layer, first layer is wetted and second layer is poured, screed to a thickness of 35 mm.

Information and general guidance

Fresh screed is needed during the first 48 hours protect against the effects of adverse effects (rain, frost, sunlight, drafts and rapid drying). During the solidification process, and the material must not be air and substrate temperature fall below + 5 ° C rise above + 30 ° C.

Important before order:

Access road provides and prepares buyer (construction of the base or any other action with respect to size and weight).
Buyer is at all times responsible for rental power base. Access road must meet the burden of our special vehicles to transport my forces (40 t) and place position must have a carrying capacity of 43 t. When maneuvering, complementing its content and derive transfer must be free access road. Need for secure socket 400V with fusing 32 A, and a constant water pressure valve with 3/4 thread !!!


  • • anhydrite screeds delivered in concrete mixer at fluid consistency
  • Anhydrite fry comes in a concrete mixer in fluid consistency
  • • interior

It represents a new generation of high-quality materials for indoor use primarily in residential buildings and business centers next to houses, schools and hospitals.


Anhydrite screed

Alone leveling poter

It is produced using modern, computer-controlled technology, building is transported.
Ongoing drawing machine on site residues do not remain material. It is friendly to covered areas (gardens), building is also not necessary to have a source of water and electricity.


For application in interior spaces such as living rooms, except kitchens and bathrooms.

Before pouring screed must complete Plastering work, wall coverings and technical installations necessary to ensure a sufficiently mature and clean surface without sharp elevation changes, it is necessary to pay attention to preparatory work before saving screed mainly expansion of vertical marginal strips, laying separation of substrate layer, any insulating layers for use ambient temperature must be above 5 ° C up to 30 ° C, it is necessary to prevent intense sunlight holes ventilate the building and drafts as soon as screed can be walked on!

What you will benefit Anhyment® on site?

Very fast application up to 1000 m2 per day at 3-5 member group increase productivity and facilitate organization on site, significant shortening of flooring and speed up construction, reduce costs - eliminating laborious and costly additional smoothing, reducing cost to spawn, unnecessary preparation and cleaning services, the possibility of implementing in areas with already completed surrounding area are ordering only as much real consumption on site is not necessary to have electricity.

Ideal anhydrite screed for floors with heating, which due to their characteristics can reduce the cost of heating suitable for hot water and electric underfloor heating enables perfect for heating plates, it allows achieve an even surface for most species other than tiles.

  • - high strength without networks
  • - creating a perfectly flat floor
  • - suitable for renovation
  • Cost comparable with cement screed, environmentally friendly thanks to lower energy consumption.

As Anhyment® ordered and transported to building? The mixture is made for you by using high technology equipment, transports, like concrete, independent power source and at distances up to 200 m or up to 100 m.

Cement screed


  • • glazed
  • • Interior /exterior

A sand-cement screed is suitable for all living spaces in addition to a garage suitable for use in heating.


Mechanical polishing

Ideal for large areas

Suitable for all areas and with higher humidity.

Floor heating

Screed is suitable for floors with heating and ingredients.

Concrete processing

Mixture is produced on site and transported to place of laying pump PUTZMEISTER 740 D up to a distance of 180 m. Material - fry produced by mixing sand grain size 0-4 perfused, cement 32.5 R / N, the fibers, as a modern compensation network. Depending on circumstances and customer can spawn modify plane, which must be observed dilatation. First two days after making screed must maintain moist, must be protected from drafts and the sun. For 2-3 days should not enter the area. After 7 days, it is possible to perform light construction work. Full load is recommended after the curing of concrete after 28-30 days. Subsequent layers can be considered to curing of screed. Advantage of concrete floors in addition to prices strength and stiffness and their universal use as for new buildings in reconstruction. Design of concrete can perform well in insulated space in minutes. Night temperature of -10 degrees .Work is -200 to 300 m2 / 1 day and more optimum thickness up to 60 mm in thickness larger declines in labor productivity at expense of thickness and increase cost of production of concrete mixtures.

Properly treatment of concrete

After concreting heating surface is very important that heating the concrete is properly prepared, the team secured all the qualitative features of the heating system. Basic principles of proper treatment of the concrete, we will summarize in the following paragraphs:

  1. 1. Concrete is walkable after 24 hours and after that time must start before the treatment.
  2. 2. The treatment consists in maintaining constant moisture.
  3. 3. Moistening concrete Perform in spring and autumn during min. 7 days and in the summer min. 14 days after concreting.
  4. 4. The concrete must dry out before it hardens !!!
  5. 5. In winter must be maintained Technology Temperature: + 5 ° C, the concrete may not starve.

Care concrete after concreting assumes the customer. Observance of agreed actions necessary to achieve concrete surface without distortions that could affect laying flooring., As a laminate.
Heating concrete can properly load (finishing etc.) At the earliest after 3 days when concrete is about 30% strength.
The process of maturation of concrete lasts 28 days.



  • • thermal and sound insulation
  • • machine processable
  • • Interior /exterior


Machine and manual processing

Easy handling

Good mechanical properties at low volume weight.


Sets quickly (another layer of 24 hours.)
Up to 30x better thermal insulation than concrete
At a thickness of 7 cm sound attenuation of 53 dB (500 kg/m3)
not easily flammable up to 700 kg/m3, fire resistance of 700 kg/m3
High elasticity, absorbs shocks, it is shatterproof
Resistance to rodents and molds
The product is non-toxic, suitable for interior (STM02286 Protocol, the Slovak Medical University, Research base of Slovak Medical University, dept. Of radiation hygiene, Bratislava)
It contributes to sustainable construction

Technological processing

Recommendations for the storage and finishing construction :


wood panels
Paint, asphalt cardboard or non-woven felt.
a porous support
Concrete and ceramics
Moisten, for heavily soiled and greasy surface is necessary to ensure good adhesion of the coating.
steel sheets
protective coating
Transitions and distribution
Protective case or a suitable coating.


EKOSTYREN CONCRETE imposing the full height of each layer. The slope of the layer may be up to 30 °. Compacting is not required in addition to prefabrication. Suffice surface Download batten and preen . When open areas it is necessary to protect the surface from excessive drying and weather.


To increase capacity and handling stiffness can be EKOSTYRENBETÓN to arm. It is recommended to use welded networks. The valve is stored in the lower third up to half of the layer, amount of fixed spacers.


The layer (a mixture of 3, 4, 5) may be out of the box base for the partition of less than 200 kg/m3.


MIXTURE A method of using Treatment
Non-bearing insulation or coatings rough surface or balanced
flat roofs cement screed 20-30 mm in 24 hours
Floor panels and plates cement screed 20-30 mm in 24 hours
Paving more than 15 mm Save up to 30 mm mortar bed for 48 hours
cement screed 20-30 mm in 24 hours
Paving less than 15 mm save 30-40 mm in 48 hours
cement screed 15-20 mm in 24 hours
slurry screed to the new area (bonding)
Coating or PVC concrete screed 30-50 mm with cement. treatment for 24 hours
cement screed 15-20 mm in 24 hours
screed on fresh surface
Covering walkable roofs concrete screed 30-50 mm with cement. treatment for 2r 15-30 mm in 24 hours.
screed on fresh surface

recommendation to prepare EKOSTYREN CONCRETE

  1. 1. Pour the recommended amount of water, stir and add cement to the grout.
  2. 2. Add sand and mix again.
  3. 3. Gradually add and mix, until a semi-dry homogeneous mixture. When the mixture was dry and incoherent, slightly with water.

EKOSTYREN CONCRETE produced directly on the construction of the high pressure pump Putzmeister, BRINKMAN a transported to the place of laying the delivery hose.

It is saving always to the entire height of the layer. The slope of the layer may be up to 30 °. Compacting is not required in addition to prefabrication. Suffice surface Download batten and preen. When open areas it is necessary to protect the surface from excessive drying and weather.

To increase capacity and handling stiffness is possible to arm. It is recommended to use welded networks. The valve is stored in the lower third up to half of the layer, the amount of the fixed spacers.


In PE bags of 200 liters of ± 5% in bulk.