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Plaster and fine plaster FERIBAU

  • - easy to work with materials, machine processing
  • - ratio of price vs. quality
  • - organic mixtures with guaranteed quality

How to choose plaster?

Choose most suitable system is aware of all customer's requirements that will be placed on plaster.

How to choose a suitable system:

  • - you need indoor or outdoor plasters?
  • - what I'm going basis is plastered? brick and masonry old
  • - what final appearance of plaster to achieve? We completely smooth surface, destroyed, structured?

Based on questions I can choose a specific type of plaster.

Types of documents:

  • brickwork
  • concrete
  • fiber cement blocks
  • high thermal masonry

Plaster masonry

Extra textured surface

  • • plaster interior to the substrate
  • • grain size from 1 mm
  • • extra structured surface of the light

Baumit Klima plaster

(Baumit KlimaPutz S – machine processing)

White, high light lime plaster for indoor use. It ensures optimal transmission and reception of moisture from air. At same time it reduces amount of pollutants in interior.


Mineral free of pollutants

High permeability

High permeability support rapid transmission of moisture and prevents condensation.

Optimum internal air humidity

Plaster structure causes moisture from environment and transmits it

Sufficient massive amount of rendering enables accumulation of heat and protects against overheating in summer heat radiation while ensuring internal temperature in transition and winter. In addition to good insulation and plaster and helps create a pleasant indoor climate. Ability of rendering accumulate heat is comfortable and helps reduce heating.

Research for protection of structures IfB (Institut für Bautenschutz) has demonstrated ability to plaster amazingly quickly cleaned of pollutants. All measurements of temperature have shown that as concentration of sulfur dioxide over a period of 3 minutes is reduced to half.

Extra structured surface

Baumit FascinaTop

(Mineral plaster)

Mineral facade lime-cement plasters containing white marble grain, designed interior as a treatment to render grain structure. Grain size 1 to 2 mm. Plaster with a grain size 2 mm is suitable as a coating of facades.



Rustic appearance

Finish with a granular structure, available in grain thickness of 1 mm or 2 mm.

Facade and interior

Designed interior as an adjustment to granular structure of facades.

Before applying plaster Baumit FascinaTop min. 24 hours apply the base coat Baumit UniPrimer.

On façade plaster Baumit FascinaTop recommend that look painted by facade paint Baumit SilikatColor.

Smooth surface

  • • plaster interior to substrate
  • • particle size: approximately 0.6 mm
  • • manual or mechanical processing
  • lime-cement plaster for machine processing

Baumit MPI 25

(Lime-cement plaster machine)

Layer cement plaster for machine rooms except kitchen, bathroom and space using a moderate load.



Machine processing

Lime-plaster suitable for machine processing plastering machines.


Plaster for interior spaces and spaces with humidity load.

For larger thicknesses plaster applied in two layers. First layer applied at a thickness of max. 25 mm, surface roughening or download batten flat. After a waiting time of about 24 hours. apply a second coating of a thickness of 5-7 mm and even thickness.

When mixed together suggest masonry reinforced plaster Baumit plaster. After applying 2/3 thickness of plaster pressed into plaster and plaster overlay rest.

Baumit MPI 25 L

(Baumit MPI 25 light)

Lime-light machine plaster for interior spaces, except for kitchens, bathrooms and areas with humidity load.




Particularly suitable plastering masonry high temperature capability.

Machine processing

Suitable for machine processing plastering machines.

When mixed together suggest masonry plaster reinforced plaster machine Baumit. After applying 2/3 thickness of plaster pressed into plaster and plaster overlay rest.

Baumit Ratio 20

(Gypsum machine plaster)

Gypsum machine plaster for interior use, polished. Original name of product Baumit MPI 20.



Machine processing

Plastering suitable machinery, as PFT G4, m-tec m3


For indoor spaces except for kitchens and bathrooms and areas with moisture regime.

Baumit MPI 20 is suitable for plastering walls with heating.

High masonry (brick) know penetration Baumit controller absorbent concrete base BetonPrimer.

Smooth surface

  • • plasters for interior
  • • brickwork
  • • ideal for wallpaper

Baumit RatioGlatt L

(Lightweight plaster)

Single layer gypsum machine plaster for indoor use. Section B4 / 50/2 as STN EN 13 279-1.




Plaster, lightweight and with good yield.


To achieve smooth wall surfaces in interior.

Electrical and plumbing slots to fill before starting the plastering suitable material based on plaster. As well due to easier processing firm edging profiles for openings.

Baumit plaster light is also suitable for wall heating. Flow temperature max. + 40 ° C. Heating pipes should be covered with plaster in minutes. thickness of 10 mm, max. 20 mm.

Baumit RatioGlatt

(glatt plaster)

Single layer gypsum machine plaster for indoor use. Class B2 / 50/2 as STN EN 13 279-1.



Machine processing

Plastering suitable plastering PFT G4, m-tec m3.


For indoor spaces except for kitchens and bathrooms and areas with moisture regime.

High masonry (brick) know penetration Baumit controller absorbent concrete base BetonPrimer.

Baumit Klima glet

(Baumit KlimaGlätte)

White, lime spatula for internal use. To create a smooth surface on substrates such as lime plaster Baumit Climate plaster, lime-cement plaster or concrete.


Lime plaster

Smooth surface

To achieve smooth wall surfaces.

Healthy living

Supporting effect of lime plaster as optimal humidity, effects.

Certified international organization natureplus. Quality label for sustainable development and for building products with high quality and functionality in relation to health and environment.

Basis of lime plaster is strongly mixed. In coating of interior paint Baumit Air color, we first coated surface of paint diluted with water 1: 1 and then apply another layer of paint.

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